Amnesia Haze: Cannabis Strain Review & Information.

amnesia haze

About Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze has a fairly deceptive name: it is a sativa-dominant hybrid that, in spite of its efficiency, may not go away you with a significantly impaired memory. Composed from a move of staple stress Haze and numerous special global landraces, consisting of Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani, Amnesia Haze might also additionally definitely power proposal in place of forgetfulness. The Afghani indica in its genetics makes for a properly-balanced, albeit fairly cerebral excessive.

Amnesia Haze that exists withinside the industrial marketplace is specifically derived from  sources: First Medical Seed and Soma Seeds, the Amsterdam-primarily based totally business enterprise chargeable for innovative traces like Lavender. The stress is a favourite for its uplifting vibes and its wealthy taste. It gained 1st region average withinside the 2004 Cannabis Cup and Best Sativa withinside the 2012 Cannabis Cup. The THC content material of Amnesia Haze degrees from approximately 20% to 25%.

This stress is prominent through its chunky, dense vegetation which display a synthesis of indica and sativa bud structures: despite the fact that tightly-packed, the buds are greater tapered and comical than round. Depending on how they may be cured, buds may have a greenish to yellow tint. Rust-coloured pistils, supposed for the vegetation to trap pollen from different male hashish plants, stand out towards the leaves.

Phenotypes of Amnesia Haze can range, with a few gambling host to greater cloudy white trichomes than others; psychoactive efficiency also can range in those cases. The specific length of the stress buds is matched through a completely unique heady fragrance and taste. The vegetation right away gift a lemony tang this is mellowed out through a few earthiness. Notes of wood, particularly cedar, are glaring withinside the buds. Breaking open the buds offers off a faint highly spiced heady fragrance, which can be acquainted to enthusiasts of different traces withinside the Haze family. Despite all this richness, smoke is easy whilst inhaled. The taste, each right away and whilst exhaled, is once more usual of Haze traces, with a highly spiced and citrus-inflamed taste. This may be a smelly stress, and the odor of smoke might also additionally linger.

Amnesia Haze has the various first rate traits that mark each indica and sativa varieties, despite the fact that customers might also additionally land at the greater thoughtful (or maybe hyper-thoughthful) give up of that spectrum. The excessive comes up nearly right away, inducing cerebral questioning and a unexpected acute recognition of surroundings. In a nice set and setting, this intellectual polishing can result in a euphoric kingdom of thoughts. Users might also additionally experience an development in temper in addition to an strength to perform tasks. Although cerebral, Amnesia Haze additionally has sufficient of an indica spine to additionally offer rest and contemplativeness.

The mixture of robust intellectual and bodily outcomes makes this stress a very good preference for sports that contain each thoughts and body, consisting of however now no longer restricted to workout and sex. More medically speaking, Amnesia Haze’s experience of awareness may be beneficial for people with interest deficit problems who’ve hassle focusing on precise tasks. It also can be a robust urge for food stimulant.

Like Cannalope and Silver Hazes, Amnesia Haze is a fixture in Amsterdam espresso stores, and it’s emerge as a longtime stress in American dispensaries, too. It may be observed in dispensaries across the country, so recognizing it at the shelf in Denver is particularly clean. Caregivers for Life, the Clinic, Good Chemistry and Oasis Cannabis Superstores all presently deliver the stress, and dozens of different Colorado pot stores have had it at a few point. The Clinic and Good Chemistry develop my preferred cuts of the bitter sativa, with organization however mild outcomes and a sweet, creamy taste paying homage to lemon bars.

Looks: Amnesia Haze has vast vegetation with fluffy calyxes which can variety in shadeation from a wealthy emerald to a brighter pear shade. Prominent pistils and mild trichome insurance screen the stress’s old-faculty genetics, even as its foxtailing calyxes and open bud shape mirror its sativa dominance.

Smell: Strong, pinching scents of lemon, rubber and sandalwood are joined through highly spiced Haze overtones.

Flavor: Similar to its odor, this stress’s taste has a robust citrus spine, however a creamy, buttery finish, like lemon and shortbread, with greater floral and earthy notes than its zesty heady fragrance suggests.

Effects: Amnesia Haze’s bark is probably worse than its bite. While it could motive customers to emerge as dim in the event that they overdo it, the clean sativa makes me alert and efficient after  or 3 bowls — and that doesn’t wane. The stress is famous amongst sufferers affected by intellectual and bodily fatigue in addition to tension and ingesting problems.

Commercial grower’s take: “Nice sativa with precise outcomes. I love it withinside the mornings or after a workout, as it simplest takes a touch to hold you moving, and it’s quite euphoric with out making matters too fuzzy. Amnesia Haze is a touch touchy and might soak up to a few months to flower, so I wouldn’t suggest this to every person new to Haze traces or developing hashish in general. Make positive your develop is properly ventilated, or mold and mites will possibly pop up.”

Home grower’s take: “I normally live farfar from Amnesia Haze due to how lengthy it takes to flower. After drying and curing, you’re searching at nearly 5 months. I suppose that’s why it’s greater famous in dispensaries than on the road — due to the fact a number of what’s on the road became reduce down too fast. It’s really well worth a journey to the shop, though. The zany excessive remains clean to paintings with, so I adore it withinside the afternoon.”

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