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Hell of a smoke for 2A. As expected had to roll a few more to get full effects. But that’s great to. Just means Smoke sessions with friends and family will last longer. It’s great to smoke day or night. Burns very well. Would like to try it in a higher strain for sure as it tasted well. Plus can’t go wrong with the price. Great budget price. Thanks Herbal Ganja Store. 5star for price. 4star for quality.

Kirstin Everton

Everything about this strain is perfect; the trim job, the bud structure, the hairs, the crystals, density, humidity, etc. Smells sweet and a little gassy and tastes the same. 10/10 for sure

Mike Lloyd

The buds may not be the prettiest shape but don’t let that fool you; Holy hell this one hits like a truck and is a little harsh in a bong. The smell is truly something else and hard to describe. Very strong body buzz instantly after inhalation, strong piney taste with a little extra to it, can’t quite put my finger on it though haha. Take it easy on this one…

Andy Guscott

I had just finished off some 4A Ghost and really liked it so when this showed up on sale I grabbed a bunch. I got this and King Louis this batch and both are great. The 5A ghost bubba has nice buds white with crystals and plenty of orange hairs. It busts up into a nice blend of dark and light green and purple and honestly smells like frootloops to me.I found it smooth to smoke and a great buzz…same price on sale as 4a…can’t lose….as usual moisture packs and fast delivery thanks Herbal Ganja Store

Jane Bit

This has been one of the best grown strains ever!! The buds are right and solid!! So fresh and the taste is definitely grape with a light banana smell there too. When smoked in a joint I have to say the absolute smoothest and awesome clean ash!! The ash hung on for well over half the joint!! Great job growers!! The best for evenings winding down starts with a nice uporia and then mellows to a relaxing high ready for bed!! Excellent!!.

Loyd Washington

The taste is good. Sweet and they have a good texture. dissolve under the tongue and they are active in about 15 mins for me. Flavours are candy flavours and they taste like candy too.

Brigit Guscott

I love your products But I would like to see them get stronger like go from 51%thc to 80-90%thc idea get indica flowers tested at 25-35%thc levels then covered flowers in nug run indica co2 oil tested at 80-90%thc levels an covered not drip oils onto flowers dip flowers into oil then covered in indica live resin testing at 70-80thc levels these would take you straight to the moon for you heavy cannabis smokers

Armando A.