Everything you need to know about Chemdawg Strain

chem dawg strain

Chemdawg Strain is a surely mythical hashish stress that ratings pinnacle marks with wonderful flavours and a effective sativa impact. There are rumours that it is a descendant of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, however no person is aware of for certain. What we do recognise is that it is a really perfect daylight stress and exceptional addition to a hashish garden, despite the fact that it is hard to develop.Chemdawg is a mythical hybrid with origins shrouded in thriller. The stress, well-known for supplying an extreme cerebral excessive, got here out withinside the 90s and has stayed famous ever since. Nowadays, at the side of being smoked, it’s broadly utilized by growers to beginning new hybrid traces.It won’t be recognised for certain which traces it descended from, however the traits are unmissable. If you are taking successful that tastes like diesel and also you emerge as flying with the birds, you’re likely taking part in a few Chemdawg Strain. Now, let’s take a better study this stoner’s high-quality friend.


As we referred to before, notwithstanding its substantial popularity, the precise genetic origins of Chemdawg Strain are unknown. There is the hearsay of it being bred from the mythical OG Kush and Sour Diesel, however no one is aware of for certain. We’re now no longer definitely clueless approximately this sativa-dominant hybrid both.

• Genetics Sativa-dominant hybrid

• Parents Unknown (OG Kush/Sour Diesel?)

• THC 15–20%+

• CBD Low

• Flavours Earthy, Diesel, Lemon, Pungent

• Effects Uplifting, Euphoric

Some, as we simply discussed, consider that Chemdawg Strain is a pass among OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Others, however, keep in mind the viable origins to be both Nepalese or Thai sativas. Regardless of the proper origins, it’s far one of the maximum famous sativa varieties, having earned itself a devoted following. And, notwithstanding the truth  a long time have handed because the debut, its genetics are nonetheless broadly used for present day traces.On paper, Chemdawg can also additionally look like a medium efficiency stress, specially given the THC degrees measuring among 15–20%. Yet, contradicting the apparently common efficiency, one of the foremost motives it’s well-known is the robust, cerebral impact. In truth, consistent with legend, the call comes from the way it made human beings roll round like puppies once they smoked. Thanks to the euphoric sativa impact, the stress is likewise nonetheless taken into consideration one of the high-quality daylight smokes.The call of the stress additionally takes a few suggestion from the flavor profile. While it’s now no longer some thing you will count on human beings to enjoy, connoisseurs just like the wonderful, chemical gas notes withinside the smoke.


Chemdawg Strain is a reasonably hard stress to develop. It’s touchy to humidity and temperature fluctuations, and it’s consequently high-quality cultivated in a managed indoor surroundings. Given the traumatic nature of the developing process, it’s far high-quality proper for knowledgeable growers.

• Grow Difficulty Expert

• Best appropriate to develop Indoor

• Climate Sunny, Warm

• Variety Feminized

• Height Indoor 150cm

• Height Outdoor Large

• Flowering Time nine Weeks

• Harvest period (out of doors) October

• Yield Indoor 350–500g/m²

Yield Outdoor Medium

The well-known Chemdawg Strain places the grower in a unusual situation. On one hand, Chemdawg desires a managed surroundings wherein humidity and temperature may be continuously stored in check. On the different, its sativa genetics, and the ensuing energetic growth, aren’t absolutely greatest for indoor cultivation. Yet, skilled growers can see precise consequences with the stress. Providing ok air circulation, and best feeding a low quantity of nutrients, can be key.On the plus side, the stress won’t get as tall as a few different sativas; 150cm interior is typical. It additionally continues matters affordable with the flowering time, requiring nine weeks to mature the buds. Typical yields for the stress can be withinside the variety of 350–500g/m². Under an skilled hand developing with the ScrOG method, which the stress responds to strongly, cultivators can see drastically more.Chemdawg doesn’t reply properly to harsh conditions, and it’s very susceptible to mould. As a result, it isn’t the high-quality desire for out of doors cultivation withinside the cooler elements of Europe. If you need to develop outdoors, you’re high-quality off in a sunnier, hotter climate; there, you may harvest via way of means of October.


Chemdawg Strain pleases people who smoke with robust diesel flavours that supplement the earthy and woody undertones. When smoked, one could flavor candy and, at times, lemony flavours in every easy hit. Along with the hallmark chemical notes that make Chemdawg a constant favorite, it supplies a totally effective sativa impact. The cerebral, uplifting, and active excessive makes Chemdawg a exceptional daylight smoke. Those now no longer used to robust sativas, however, have to take it gradual with this stress, because the impact may be overwhelming.


No listing of mythical hashish traces, from Skunk, to OG Kush, to Girl Scout Cookies, might be whole with out Chemdawg. Just as famous as whilst it got here onto the scene a while ago, the stress has earned a reputation. Whether you’re speakme approximately the wonderful aromas or the outstanding daylight buzz that it provides, it’s a recognised classic. Add withinside the thriller in the back of the capability origin, and you’ve got a real hashish legend worth of the best ratings. If best it simply turned into a tad less difficult to develop…

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